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Stuff and blah!

Yay, I joined a community! I get a cookie! ::enjoys it::

Why did I join you ask? I like anime, games, nerd stuff. I'm asking to find people to hang out with in person. Lan parties or go to the mall (the ONLY! thing to do in this town pretty much.) or, for those old enough, maybe take a trip to orlando or something. I live on the Westside but deliver the newspaper around Baymeadows. Also, I study Kung Fu at the beaches. So anyone around anywhere I'm happy to hang with whenever you want. Ladies, that includes you!

That said, I'm not a mean or stuck up kind of eprson but I can be cocky. Just fyi, I love to debate as I'm a conservative Christian. I usually win. ^.^;; I love to talk about History, Religion, Politics, Current Events. But otherwise I don't really care. I love games and anime...nothing like dropping $50 on something that lasts weeks right?

DAMNIT! LEGENDARY ON HALO 2 IS SO FUSKING! aoianerpanefgnao[jewr[jwr~!ahnraewuirhna;wphnr3uhr4n432u5rjhp; >.
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