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  2006.11.28  21.10
I'm new

Hey people. THis is my first entry on this community and I just wanted to say that. Also I'm in the process of learning japanese and was wondering if someone can help me out or something. You know, I scratch your back you scratch mine, well not exactly like that becasuse I swear if someone takes off their shirt I will turn into a very mad cow. Anyways I was just wondering so If you all can get back to me then it would be so great.

I (am) Remain,
Billy Sue Jane


  2006.06.10  03.02


Um, I'm not from Jacksonville, or even from the US at all. I stumbled upon this community while I was looking for communities about Japan and Japanese in general.

I like Japan, people, country, culture, esp language. I wish to go there someday. I was going to apply for a scholarship, but I wasn't able to get the requirements ready on time. Haay. It is one of the things I have determined to do before I die.

I am also learning Japanese right now, and maybe we can help each other? If the moderator of this community agrees, I can help in the daily dose of Jap info. ^_^

*I'm not from Japan, nonetheless, an Asian country. 6_6*

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  2005.08.26  09.29

Does anyone know of any sites I can check out to see the Cons happening in or around Florida? Since I can't ever find anything happening in Jacksonville, I guess I'll start doing some traveling to fun things.


  2005.07.03  01.08
Kanji Learning Software

Cute Kanji learning program
redraw kanji stroke by stroke and learn

if order or direction is wrong - program will not accept it



  2004.11.14  17.39
Stuff and blah!

Yay, I joined a community! I get a cookie! ::enjoys it::

Why did I join you ask? I like anime, games, nerd stuff. I'm asking to find people to hang out with in person. Lan parties or go to the mall (the ONLY! thing to do in this town pretty much.) or, for those old enough, maybe take a trip to orlando or something. I live on the Westside but deliver the newspaper around Baymeadows. Also, I study Kung Fu at the beaches. So anyone around anywhere I'm happy to hang with whenever you want. Ladies, that includes you!

That said, I'm not a mean or stuck up kind of eprson but I can be cocky. Just fyi, I love to debate as I'm a conservative Christian. I usually win. ^.^;; I love to talk about History, Religion, Politics, Current Events. But otherwise I don't really care. I love games and anime...nothing like dropping $50 on something that lasts weeks right?

DAMNIT! LEGENDARY ON HALO 2 IS SO FUSKING! aoianerpanefgnao[jewr[jwr~!ahnraewuirhna;wphnr3uhr4n432u5rjhp; >.

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  2004.08.03  01.28
can't sleep!

i stumbled upon this community during another bout of insomnia. i live in mandarin. i used to be the assistant manager of the sanrio store at the avenues. i'm still going through some serious withdrawal since it closed. anyway, thought i'd say hello...

anyone go to warped tour sunday??

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  2004.07.28  00.45
Dollpa at AFO

Join us between eight & ten PM, Friday August 6, 2004 at the sumptuous
Wyndham Orlando Resort for the first AFO Doll Party. Primarily a social for Volks
Super Dollfies & other similar Asian ball-jointed dolls (such as Unoa, Customhouse, Cerberus Project,
Angel Region, etc), human chaperones are also welcome to escort Obitsu, all sizes of Volks
Dollfie, Blythe, Pullip, & other 1/3-1/6 scale fashion dolls produced by Takara, Azone, Volks,

Humans may not attend the party without an Asian doll escort, though
multiple dolls are welcome (and even encouraged) to accompany a single human.

Light refreshments will be provided for the humans, and there will be
plenty of photo opportunities for the dolls with SD-scale furniture & props. Party
favours will be provided for every doll/human couple who RSVP's before August 4th (one favour per
human). Everyone in attendance at the Dollpa will be eligible for doorprizes.

To RSVP (or donate a doorprize), please email smallcosmos@digitalmegami.com .

Human guests of the Dolpa must be registered attendees of Anime
Festival Orlando (badges/wrist-bands will be checked). AFO is Florida's largest
hotel-based Anime & East-Asian Pop Culture convention, now entering its fifth year. There are many
reasons to come to AFO, ranging from panels (including a Super Dollfie panel on Saturday
afternoon), a dealers' room (including the only authorized North American Volks dealer, the Doll &
Hobby Shoppe), anime viewing rooms, artists alley, Anime Music Video, costume, & cosplay
contests, and more!

You can purchase an AFO convention membership for noon-two am Friday
only for $20, or a full three-day weekend pass for $40.

For more information on AFO & the Wyndham, please see www.animefestivalorlando.com.

***The AFO Dollpa is an independant event and is in no way endorsed by Volks or any other doll manufactuer.


  2004.05.31  01.47

I am new. I am Ali. I really like saying "I am". It makes me feel mighty!
I qualify for this community. I am in love with the lifestyle/occupation of geisha. I read the Bushido and immediately decided that I am considered a "learned cowardly artist" and I could never be a samurai. I kind of like anime, but I'm really picky about what I'll watch. I love the "cute" culture. I love The Pillows. And, uhhh, that's about it.

end of standard introduction post.


  2004.05.06  03.05
Rocks my face off

is anybody here going to metrocon this year?


  2004.05.04  19.33

Anyone going to JACON this month?


  2004.04.29  08.53


I love the films of Takashi Kitano (Kitano's Hana-bi is one of the most emotionally vibrant pieces I have seen in a long time.) and Akira Kurosawa (Toshirô Mifune is brilliant; I can't stop watching Seven Samauri).

I love that Japanese culture is brimming with such thick and suttle (suttle defined: Yasujiro Ozu (unfortunately all I have seen Tokyo Story at this point) traces of solitude and isolation (See most Kitano's work and The Eel, directed by
Shohei Imamura); such as not found in other cultures.

Seijun Suzuki's Tokyo Drifter was a really fantastical film noirish tale by way of Alphaville (as much as I have seen of it (note: annoying friends) anyway); I would really like to see more of his stuff in the future.

Finally, Kitano did Zatoichi... I must see Zatoichi. I m u s t see Z A T O I C H I..

I heard it got distribution in the US already :)

Mood: amused

  2004.04.22  00.45
um.. i'm here to learn and stuff.

Hi everyone! I'm new to the community aaaaaand, I don't really know a whole lot about Japan, but it seems like a really cool place and I'm all about enlightment! Oh and I have a bonsai tree that is in *dire* need of help.. Any suggestions for keeping it alive? I've tried water and sunlight so far.

~Stumped. (lol, get it?) ..jk.

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  2004.04.21  10.28

it's great to see so many new people! Welcome everyone.

And I forgot to post the daily japanese so here's two for ya

dohzo - please
yume - dream


  2004.08.20  05.15

Anybody read the Hagakure?


  2004.04.19  17.01

I am from ft. myers florida.
Can I still join?


  2004.04.19  20.45

Hello. my name is Dinesh. I'm a big fan of japanese movies among other things. I found a portion of a paper i wrote for an anthropology class, unfortunately its only the first 4 pages..can't find the final copy. It's about the different meanings of suicide in Japan, most of what I have here lays the groundwork. Read more...Collapse )


  2004.08.18  02.06
hello hello

Hi, my name is Ian and I live over on the southside. I think this is a pretty cool idea for a community, as I've always been fascinated with Japanese culture and I recently started training in Kendo, the Japanese art of fencing. That's pretty much it...
looking forward to whatever discussions may become of this community...

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  2004.04.17  21.43

Hi, welcome to JaxJapan. This is just a fun forum for people in Jacksonville to talk about our love (or obsessions) with Japanese culture, musicians, actors, movies, whatever! I'm trying to learn japanese so I'm going to try and do a Learn a Little Japanese post everyday. So step up, say hello, tell us what you love, maybe even make a new friend to hang out with.

today's Japanese is:
chotto matte - wait just a minute